Information for Eligible Initiates


Congratulations on your nomination to Tau Beta Pi! To become a member of the Kentucky Alpha Chapter, you will need to provide your information on the national Tau Beta Pi website and complete a few chapter requirements. Please contact an inititation chair with any questions or concerns. Visit the Officers tab for contact information.

Bent Shining

The bent is the insignia of the Tau Beta Pi honor society. As an eligible initiate, you will be provided a Tau Beta Pi bent to hand-polish prior to initation day. The initiate with shiniest bent will recieve a discounted inititation fee!


Another initiation week requirement will be to obtain signatures from Tau Beta Pi members (both students and faculty).

You can use this link to search for Tau Beta Pi members. A list of University of Kentucky faculty who are Tau Beta Pi members can be found here.

Statement of Character

To be inititated into Tau Beta Pi, you must write and submit a statement of character. This will be a short essay (300-400 words) about why you meet the criteria to become a Tau Bate: review the powerpoint attached to the initiation invitation email or visit the national website. This must include one picture as well. (The picture is under your discretion, can be of yourself, somewhere you have volunteered, something that means a lot to you, etc.)

Initiation Fee

All Tau Beta Pi members must pay a one-time initiation fee (cost TBD) which provides membership for life! Please reach out to an initation chair with any financial concerns regarding the initation fee.

Important Dates: Spring 2023